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How the workbench will rock your body with tutorials for every starting level

Interactive Exercises

Compile and Test smart contracts from your browser

Markdown Support

Write your demo and explanation easily

Open Source

Fork it online, Improve it locally, See it live

Everything you wanted to know

Smart contracts from your browser

Write, compile, deploy, test within one click. User's contracts are runned on a real blockchain, allowing an immersive learning experience. Tests are written in Truffle-like style and associated with a given contract

Readable and writable documentation

Workbench framework has a full Markdown support. It means you can write your webpage simply and in addition have exercises/demonstrations users can follow. With Latex expression integration, theoritical tutorials are also made possible

Open to changes

Changes are a core value of the workbench. The speed and ease of writting allows anyone to contribute with new ideas. Moreover because the framework is open source, one can run its own on-premise version

Writing blockchain tutorials the easy way

New exercises are added within a Markdown file using a specific marker. Within this section, authors can add solidity-written smart contracts along with tests to be deployed on the blockchain.

Behind the user interface

When a user access an exercise from its browser, it sees an incomplete version of the solution. It can then call test contracts on the blockchain within a click, seeing results live

One education platform

All those features have been integrated into a step-by-step course on Smart Contracts Programming

Live Demo

There is even more to come!

Fork it harder, Make it better, Do it faster

On top of writing exercises, we provide user the same features used in the backend. They can write their own tests and deploy them quickly. Blockchain companies will have their funtionalities integrated to ensure wide spread coverage
Summer 2018
Create an incentive program to reward both creators and active users. Blockchain companies also benefits from exposure to technology-aware people and are allowed to publish their job offers along with endorsed tutorials
Summer 2018
Smart-contracts-powered multi-player programming challenges. It is programming challenges where users code the intelligence of a game and fight each other. Companies provide sponsored challenges to solve their own problems
Fall 2018


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Arthur Gervais

Thibault Meunier

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